A Perfect Safety Guide On Mountain Bike Trail For Kids

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October 25, 2020
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Kids enjoy biking as it is a fun activity. It is said that biking offers several health benefits. It imparts fine motor skills besides keeping your kid physically active. Mountain biking is an exciting activity which is a safer option for younger kids. The safety of your kids must be your major concern. At times mountain biking is a bit risky. There are chances of accidents during a mountain bike trail. Do not encourage challenging mountain biking rides for your kids. Read the following tips for mountain biking safety for kids.

Choosing The Perfect Bike For Your Kid

It is vital to purchase the right bike for your kid. Choose the one which is ideal for their age or capabilities. Never buy a big bike hoping your child would grow very soon. Your child finds it difficult to ride a big bike. There is a greater chance of accidents when riding a big bike. Make sure your child can stand on the bike without the frame support.

Do not purchase fancy bikes with multiple speeds and gears options. Go for a simple single speed bike for your kid. Go for upper models only when your child is skilled enough with the single speed bike. Double hand brakes and coastal hand brakes are recommended for kids. This makes them used to different kinds of braking systems.

Ensure Your Child Is Aware of Biking Basics

Your child must be aware of the biking basics before heading a mountain trail on a bike.

  • Check if your child can right the bike in a straight line without swerving.
  • Your child must be steady enough when turning back during a bike ride. This ensures your child does not lose control when checking for traffic around.
  • Check if your child is aware of stopping the bike using brakes.
  • Ensure if your child has mastered the speed control technique. This is necessary when biking down a hill.
  • Make sure your child wears a helmet during mountain biking.
  • Teach your kids to be aware of their surroundings. They must not be carried away during the ride.

Get To Know The Mountain Bike Trails

It is always essential that you accompany your child during mountain biking on new trails. Make sure that you travel on the trails well ahead to be aware of the terrain. This helps to make sure if the biking trail is safe for your kids. The safety of mountain biking mainly depends on the nature and difficulty of a trail. Choose routes with marked paths and flat riding areas.

Check Their Bikes
Before heading to a mountain bike trail, it is essential to check your kid’s bike. Check the bike tires, brakes and chain. Frequent checks of the bike can prevent accidents.

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