The Importance of Massages for Bikers

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February 5, 2018
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March 3, 2018
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Rejuvenate Your Muscles

Immaterial of whether you are consistent road racer or holiday mountain biker or odd even a regular bike commuter, the amount of time you spend on your bike will most likely make a difference to your body. We all know that stretching and ice baths help in recovering from muscle injuries but how about a massage?


Massage and spa experts at a leading spa in South India, vouch for the effectiveness of a rigorous Sports Massage. Mr. Rennie, a professional working there says “From the professional sportsperson to the casual jogger, everyone can improve flexibility and efficiency with a sports massage.”


Check out which gives you an idea about it, and this article will throw some light on the importance of massages for bikers.

How massages work?

Wondering what a massage will do to your body? Well, it can give a rejuvenating effect to your whole body which can be due to scar tissue or breakdown of adhesions in the muscle. When your muscles are stressed, the fibers that are in the muscle fascia cover it from suffering any micro tears. When they heal, the fibers become strong; still, they could form adhesions which are scar tissues that can restrict your movements and give pain. When a deep pressure is applied on this fascia by massage therapists, the adhesions are broken up. In addition to this, the blood vessels also open up, and the waste is pushed out of it which can, in turn, reduce the tenderness, increase the blood flow, speeds recovery and also gives the much-needed nutrition to the tissues.

When you need a massage?

Now that you know that massages for bikers do work, then you need to know when you should get a message done. There are short massages and thorough massages; the former can be for 30 minutes to 1 hour whereas the latter can extend to a few hours.  When you go for biking, the most affected muscles are the knee and the lower back, so these need to be the focus points when it comes to short massages. It is advisable to restrict yourself from massages on the day before a biking event or a race; any other time is perfect for a massage.

Where to get a massage?

When you are attending any popular biking event or a triathlon, you won’t have to worry about hunting for a therapist as they will usually be available in the ‘finish’ line area. You can also take references from your chiropractor or family doctor.

Will self-massage help?

If you have a financial crunch or finding it difficult to land on a massage therapist, then some self-massage tips could come in handy. Self-kneading, massage sticks, foam rollers can be of great help. Though the foam roller may not be as capable as a proper massage done by a therapist, it is a good alternative.

Biking is a high energy and active sport that will require a lot of physical effort to see success. The injuries can also be fatal, so take all the necessary precautions.


  1. Sam says:

    The article enlightened me on the importance of massages for sports people. Was really surprised to learn about the benefits of massage for sports players especially bikers. Short duration massages would help bikers to get rid of the pain developed in their body. Quite an informative post.

  2. Rocky says:

    I was unaware that bikers would suffer from body pain after participating in bike races. The post talks about the difference that bikers would feel after a massage session. It would provide greater flexibility to your body so that you perform better.

  3. Rachel says:

    The post insists on the precautions to be taken by bikers before the sport so as to avoid physical discomfort. It also talks about choosing the right chiropractor for a biker who deals with the physical illness. Perform massages and get relieved from joint pains.

  4. Banu says:

    I am using a foam roller for the past five years for the self-massaging purpose. The use of foam roller helped me a lot in keeping my body supple. I got rid of muscles soreness and increased the range of mobility with the regular use of foam roller.

  5. Anuradha says:

    My personal massage therapist helped me a lot in my sports career. The massage therapy offered improved the blood flow which helped me to recover from various physical injuries due to the strain developed in the body muscles. It is worth appointing a personal massage therapist for sports players.

  6. Pranav says:

    I was unaware of the importance of massage for bikers and people who participate in different kinds of sports. The post is really helpful to understand the benefits of a massage session after a long ride. People suffering from joint pain must opt for massage therapy.

  7. Gambir says:

    Being a sports person, I found the post very informative. I often suffer from joint and muscle pain but after reading this article I took some massage therapies which really relieved me of the stress and joint aches. Thanks to the team VVA 2020.

  8. Vinodha says:

    The post has made me understand the need for massage therapies. Being a regular biker, i do find a difference in my health by getting the above-mentioned massages. It helps in reducing stress, discomfort and pain brought by regular cycling.

  9. Nagana says:

    Tried out the massage treatment for the first time and I must say that the results were amazing. I also realized that regular body massage is a crucial part of any cyclist’s life in order to maintain the stamina.

  10. Aravindh says:

    I was not sure about getting a massage for my muscle pain. But this post turned out to be very convincing and the results were beyond expectations. I take regular massage therapies and it has reduced my pain to a great extent.

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