Tips To Choose The Ideal Gear For Your Mountain Bike

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November 10, 2020
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Gears help bikers to ride with comfort in hilly terrain. It makes biking an exciting experience. It helps to move forward efficiently. Do you wish to change the existing gear of your mountain bike? Are you confused about purchasing the right mountain biking gears? You are at the right place. Here you would find some tips to choose an ideal gear based on your mountain biking riding style. The choice of gear helps much in improving your performance in mountain biking. The following helps in choosing the right type of gear for your mountain bike.

1×11 Gearing-Overview

1×11 is the simplest gearing option for mountain bikes. The absence of a derailleur makes the vehicle simple with no shifter on the handlebar. The chainring is one less in the case of 1×11 gear. This makes your mountain bike lightweight. There are fewer chances of dropping your chain. Here we discuss some unique benefits of riding with a 1×11 mountain bike gear.

Benefits: The 1×11 gear makes the working of your mountain bike quite simple. The reduced weight of the mountain bike makes it easy for bikers to handle it. There are fewer chances of mechanical issues with this type of gear. It is a great option for strong cyclists who race with longer climbs. Both front and rear gear combination work well to ride on steep hills. This gear is an ideal option for mountain biking with long climbs. Changing the front chainring requires less mechanical knowledge.

2×10 Gearing -Overview

2×10 gear is the right option when you wish to ride on steep sections with descents. It offers an optimizing performance.

Benefits: This type of granny gear is suitable for long climbs. It is a comfortable gearing which makes it easy to produce power. This gear is ideal for long-distance mountain biking. For cyclists who wish to explore more with various gearing options, then 2×10 gearing is the right choice. It helps to optimize power during long races.

1×11 Vs 2×10

It is up to you to decide on the gearing option based on your riding style and level of riding. The type of tracks you choose to ride are also factors to determine the right gear for your mountain bike. When you travel on a steep hill with unexpected trails and lots of corners, 2×11 is ideal. It helps for a comfortable mountain climb. If you wish to ride fast on a mountain trail, then go for a 2×11 gear.

1×11 is an excellent option when riding on a well-known mountain trail. Its simplicity makes it easy for riding. Thus riding expertise and the mountain trail decides on the type of mountain bike gear.

The above helps right in choosing the right gear for your mountain bikes.

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