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December 15, 2020
Smiling Woman Starring Towards The Camera With Her Bicycle.

Reducing Damage To Dental Health In Riders

Cyclists and even bike riders consume products that would have been in the banned drawer if they were kids. They put into their mouths food items full of sugar, and we all know what that means. Bad gums and worse teeth.

There is research to prove it. In 2012, a team of well-known dental researchers conducted a study on London Olympics athletes. It turns out their dental care was abysmal, filled with gum disease, tooth decay and dental erosion. The condition of their teeth was as bad as those who fall in the most deprived socio-economic strata.

So, the best dentist at 4 Squares Dentistry sat down to pen some tips on how cyclists, riders or even other athletes can reduce damage to their dental health!

A Professional Cyclist Having Healthy Nutritional Chocolate While His Bicycle Riding.

Tips On Keeping Teeth Healthy For Cyclists

  • The first tip to dental care is to limit your sugar consumption outside of cycling. As riders, you use sports drinks and gels to keep up your energy. These are full of sugar. You have to depend upon them when training or racing, but anywhere else, you can avoid them. So, think no more bakery visits on the way home.
  • The second tip is to limit processed sugar. Those are more harmful to dental health than natural sugar. Moreover, sugar in a sticky format is worse than non-sticky. Also, fruits like oranges that are acidic are more destructive than fruits like bananas (not acidic).

So, while you cannot remove processed sugar from your diet when cycling, as they swiftly release energy, you can control the form. Stick to all non-sticky food.

  • The third tip on keeping your teeth healthy is on energy drinks, containing more than 10% concentration of CHO. Try to avoid drinks that have a lot of sugar, like the Lucozade Energy Orange. You’re drinking tons of processed sugar in acidic form.

Try isotonic sports drinks like PowerAde because they have less sugar than energy drinks. Even better are hypotonic drinks because they can be added in powder form.

The best choice is water if you depend on energy from other sources. Try using electrolyte tablets in the water. It acts as fuel and has zero calories.

  • The fourth tip is to prevent dehydration. Saliva is necessary for oral care. When your mouth is dry, the impact of sugar is worse on your teeth. So, keep hydrated.
  • If you use gels, steer clear of stickier and sweeter ones. They aren’t good for the teeth.
  • For energy bars, again, make an informed decision. Protein bars have about three teaspoons of sugar, and carbohydrate bars have 11 teaspoons. Paleo bars are the best if you make them at home with nuts, dates, raisins and a drizzle of honey, even better.

A man brushing his teeth and looking at mirror in the bathroom before he goes for a cycle ride.

Preventing More Damage To Your Teeth

Check More – About dental health tips for cyclists or riders are:

  • Eat before you go for a ride. Something like porridge that slowly releases energy is best.
  • Brush your teeth after you eat and then ride. It’ll reduce plaque formation.
  • Rinse your mouth when you drink water.
  • Never hold a food item or drink in your mouth for longer than needed.

Finally, the best route to dental care is prevention. Use these rules to keep your teeth healthy and happy:

  • Increase your fluoride exposure. It’s great at preventing decay. Use a toothpaste that has high fluoride content. Ask the best dentist in your locality to prescribe you the right toothpaste.
  • Moreover, don’t rinse it out with water. Simply spit it after brushing.
  • Brush once in the morning and right before you go to bed.
  • Don’t smoke. It causes so much damage to your oral care.

And finally, please visit a dentist two times a year. It can help pick up decay or gum issues before they become serious. Remember, once the enamel, the hard outer layer of teeth, is gone, it is quite late to prevent anything. So follow these tips, keep your dental health happy and ride on!

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