Mountain Biking Equipment For Beginner Bikers

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November 25, 2020
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Must-have mountain biking equipment for beginners

Are you hitting on a mountain biking trail soon? And contemplating the right set of gears to take with you to the trails? Then you are in the right place. Mountain biking is a sport that considerably relies on your strength and your grit to devour the incredible adrenaline rush it offers. This adventure sport provides unlimited excitement and at the same time requires you to be prepared with adequate safety gear and equipment. For the beginners who are yet to gather their essential gears, this article is a complete guide that can help them prepare for their first ride.

This article lists seven basic mountain biking equipment that must be taken for your mountain biking venture. If you are a beginner who is keen to carry this sport as a passion, you are recommended to make the best purchases. Online retailers and sports utility shops are equipped with a wide range of MTB gears that are worth browsing. However, make sure that the purchases suit your budget, and you venture out adequately to justify your purchase. Check out the succeeding sections to get an idea about the essential MTB equipment you must acquire before hitting on the mountain trails.

Mountain biking equipment for your first ride

Mountain biking is one of the most popular adventure sports that help build incredible endurance, strength, and agility. And to consume the advantages of mountain biking one must equip themselves with the right biking gear and appropriate cloth. A wrong pair of shoes or wrong clothing can result in painful blisters or overheating, risking your safety. Ensure that your mountain biking equipment consists of the following essentials, without fail.

Cycle helmet
A cycle helmet tops the mountain biking gear list due to its sheer usefulness in protecting your head from the dangerous plummet that can happen in your ride downhill. The helmets are typically designed to endure a fall or hitting any surface when the bikers move at a speed of 12kmph or less. Accomplished bikers reiterate the advantages of wearing a helmet as they have come across several experiences of evading head injuries due to helmets. Ensure that you buy helmets that fit your head perfectly well.

Hydration systems
Water bottles or hydration packs are an essential component of mountain biking equipment. Bikers must keep them adequately hydrated as the riding expedition might take several hours to finish. Bottle sizes of 750ml or 1 liter can last for nearly 1-1.5 hours during the biking venture. If your venture is expected to take more time, then it is advised to get a hydration pack that can carry around 1-3 liters of water. The hydration packs are equipped with water tubes that can make your drinking easier.

A mini pump
Challenging terrains are prone to loose rocks that can puncture your tires. Hence, it is recommended to stock a mini pump in your backpack to avoid being stalled on the trail. A spare inner tube, a repair kit, and tire levers are few other essentials that must be nearly packed with a mini pump. Many modern bikes have tubeless wheels and tires that do not need an inner tube. The spaces inside the tubeless tires are filled with air, and the puncture is sealed with a sealant. The availability of this essential equipment can eliminate your efforts to walk downhill or wait for a vehicle to continue your ride.

Mechanical tool kit
Besides tire punctures, bikes are also prone to mechanical damages like loose fitting bolts or chains of your bike. Fixing loose bolts on handlebars, stems, and saddles or replacing a broken link of a chain is now more comfortable with a handy repair tool kit.

Sun protective cycling glasses
Riding in the glaring sun can be challenging especially on a mountain trail. Moreover, the high-speed downhill necessitates the need for protective eye gear that wards off unwanted dust and insects from your eyes. Cycling glasses are now available with wrap around lenses to prevent clouds of dust from entering your eyes. Photochromic glasses can adjust different daylights and protect your eyes from potential dangers.

Biking shoes and biking shorts

A perfect pair of cycling shoes is essential for an enjoyable mountain ride. Not only do they increase the speed, but also help eliminate fatigue with their efficient soles. The cycling shoes are known to flex less and help the bikers pedal with more power. Clip-in style shoes known as SPDs, are a biker’s favorite as these help the shoes remain clipped to the pedal. Those who prefer flat shoes are advised to purchase the ones that have small spikes that give them enough grip between the shoes and the pedals.

Though not quite an essential component, good biking shorts can make your mountain ride pleasant and comfortable. For rides more than two hours, a comfortable pair of shorts is the most needed, and what more can be comfortable than the biking shorts that are loose fitted and are also long enough to protect your legs from unwanted nettles, brambles, and branches. A few famous biking shorts brands have also come up with padded liners to provide comfortable seating for long rides.

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