A Sneak-Peak Into Mountain Biking in India

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March 3, 2018
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India has some of the best mountain terrains in the world. And there are a lot of event organisers who are organising mountain biking events which include races and other bike events around these mountain areas. Over the past ten years, the sport has reached a significant magnitude of people hailing from different corners of the country, who come together to participate in week-long races. To know more about such events, https://www.singletracks.com/mountain-bike/events/events.php will be of great help.

Many groups have been formed like Cycling & More from Bengaluru and PedalYatri in Gurugram which organise frequent mountain bike trips within the city or in places surrounding it. Thanks to the help of media coverage, PedalYatri has been a great success which has more than 1500 members and is still growing.

Two-day racing events like the MTB Shimla and the Trans Himalayan MTB in addition to MTB Kerala and MTB Sikkim are gaining popularity due to a lot of participation. There are also many international participants come from Africa Europe and other neighbouring Nations like Nepal and Bhutan to participate in these events and also to cherish the beauty of the Himalayan range. With the amount of increased focus that mountain bike has got over the years, we are likely to get more participants in the coming years.

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Is it possible for anyone to do Mountain biking?
As a matter of fact, Mountain biking is not a challenging sport to start with. But, before you decide on which type of mountain bike you will have to buy you need to know the kind of Mountain Bike that will suit you and your needs. You can connect with any local cycling group to help you start with it. Initially, it is advisable that your rent a bike from any local shop near you. The local cycling groups gift City usually plan and organise trips or weekend or public holidays where it’s possible for anyone to join. They will also be aware of the roots in and out of the city so that you can go with there for a few trials in order to learn more about the sport.

Only when you are comfortable with riding a mountain bike or rough surfaces can you start thinking about buying a bike on your own. A good mountain bike for beginners with cost you approximately 15000 rupees and if you can spend more than you can go for a bike ranging between 25000 to 35000 rupees. You should go in for an international company that is reputed in making mountain bike and not go for cheaper models which may be quite heavy and not suitable for long-term rides. If you still feel that investing such a significant amount is difficult for you till you are sure of continuing the sport then go out for a second-hand bike which is also a good one to start with. Most regular bikers prefer to keep moving to hire models as they train themselves to bike on challenging terrains. In such cases, they would prefer to let go of the older one, which can be purchased by you.

When you are done with practicing for a few months, then you can consider travelling longer distances and also participating in easy bike riding competitions that are not too challenging. You can start making short trip to hill stations near your city or town.

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