How To Prepare For A Mountain Bike Ride

Mountain Biking – And What It Deals With!
November 23, 2017
The Benefits Of Mountain Biking!
November 23, 2017

For those who would like to mountain bike in India, the route from Manali to Leh is perfect. This route stretches for about 470 kilometers and has just about everything that a mountain biker can expect and more. However, there are certain things to be kept in mind before deciding to undertake the trip. The most important point about this trip is physical fitness. Being physically fit is an absolute necessity for this trip as it may require a lot of stress and strain on your body. A large part of this route is through the mountains and includes both ascents and descents, so it is best to improve your stamina so that you are not tired out halfway through. While this trip can be truly delightful on your mountain bike, it also requires mental stamina. There are times when your willpower will be as necessary as your physical fitness, and when things get difficult, it is necessary to keep on going. Another thing is about planning the route that you want to take. You can plan your route depending on how long you can ride each day. It is necessary to also keep the terrain in mind before starting your trip.

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